Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between is a thriller drama series with a supernatural twist based on a Korean format which centers on Laura Price. She isn’t crazy: She knows her daughter Serena is going to be murdered. She doesn’t know who the murderer is or why she’ll be killed, but she knows exactly when it will happen, where and how. Despite this, all of her attempts to keep her daughter safe fail, and Serena’s fixed, unmovable, terrifying fate keeps her directly in the path of her killer. Laura Price, a local news producer in San Francisco, is helping the police to hunt down a serial killer. After the killer strikes close to home, a twist of fate allows a “Groundhog Day”-type reset, and Laura relives the week prior to the string of murders. Can she change fate and stop the killer?

Latest Episode: Somewhere Between Season 1, Episode 10: One Must Die (Air Date: 9/19/2017)

Premiere Date: July 24, 2017
Casts: J.R. Bourne, Paula Patton, Devon Sawa, Aria Birch
Air Time: 10:00 pm
Country: US
Air Day: Tuesday

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Somewhere Between Promo // Paula Pattons ABC Series

'Somewhere Between' Promo // Paula Patton's ABC Series

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