A Romance of the Little Forest

A Romance of the Little Forest

Professor of botany Zhuang Yu, who is engaged in the cultivation of annual wormwood, is devoted to scientific research and indifferent to fame, wealth and communication, which unintentionally hurts Yu Meizhen, a rural girl who loved him many years ago. Years later, Yu Meizhen received a doctorate in ornithology (bird science) with excellent results. Since she did not want to endure the pressure associated with conducting scientific research, she changed her profession and became a fashion blogger. By chance, she has a conflict with the professor. Zhuang Yu goes to Qingshui village for field research and just settles in the house of the Yu Meizhen family. Thanks to Yu Meizhen’s help, Zhuang Yu’s research work is progressing successfully, and at the same time he feels the love and warmth from her that the plants could not give him. Inspired by his dedication to the study of science, she is determined to take responsibility and use what she has learned to contribute to her native A story following a botany professor focusing only on research and does not care for fame, money, or love. Meeting a girl he had ill feelings with in the past, their interest in one another develops as she shows off her doctorate knowledge in ornithology.

Latest Episode: A Romance of the Little Forest Season 1, Episode 35: Episode 35 (Air Date: 10/14/2022)

Premiere Date: September 15, 2022
Casts: Esther Yu, Zhang Vin
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: CN
Air Day:

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