A Date with the Future

A Date with the Future

During the earthquake, Xu Lai was trapped, but was rescued by firefighter Jin Shichuan and his rescue dog. Ten years later, Xu Lai returns to China as a journalist and international dog handler. She meets Jin Shichuan at the rescue site, but Shichuan not only does not recognize her, but also takes her for an unscrupulous reporter. When a search and rescue team is formed, the girl becomes Jin Shichuan's partner and wins respect with her high professional skills. A journalist and a firefighter, these two are on the front line of danger, on the verge of life and death, and their relationship gradually improves. Ten years ago, Xu Lai was trapped in the earthquake and rescued by fireman, Jin Shichuan and the search and rescue dog, "Zhuifeng". In order to appease the injured Xu Lai, Jinshichuan promised her ten-year appointment. Ten years later, Xu Lai returned to China to become a reporter and an international dog trainer. He met Jin Shichuan at the rescue site. Jin Shichuan not only didn't recognize Xu Lai, but also misunderstood her as an unscrupulous reporter. Xu Lai corrected the name of the rescue team despite the misunderstanding. When establishing the search and rescue dog team, Xu Lai became Jinshichuan's partner as an international dog trainer, conquered the people with excellent professional skills, and gave his rescue dog "Ping'an" to Jin Shichuan. As journalists and firefighters, they always meet in the front line of danger. The two of them who have been tested by life and death have gradually warmed up their feelings.

Latest Episode: A Date with the Future Season 1, Episode 36: Episode 36 (Air Date: 6/20/2023)

Premiere Date: June 2, 2023
Casts: William Chan, Zhang Ruo Nan
Air Time: 12:00 pm
Country: CN
Air Day: Monday

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[Trailer] A Date With The Future 照亮你 | On Viu TOMORROW!

[Trailer] A Date With The Future 照亮你 | On Viu TOMORROW!

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