A Breeze of Love

A Breeze of Love

Dong-Uk who is always sensitive from being haunted by ghosts every night. However, he manages to sleep peacefully for the first time in his life, when he sleeps next to Dohyeon. They thought they were meant for one another and knew everything about each other, even though they didn't talk much. Dong-Uk feels that their relationship is not working well and tries to hold on to Dohyeon, while Dohyeon is afraid to find out what's about to come when the happy moments are gone. Just like the weather forecast, their love is so unpredictable. Do Hyun, the captain of the basketball team, is preparing for the championship. Hye In, the team manager, brings Dong Wook, Do Hyun's first love, to fill in for an injured teammate. Dong Wook and Do Hyun used to go to the same high school. They spent time together and eventually kissed, but Dong Wook had to transfer schools. They meet again on campus and have to play together in a game. They make a bet that if Dong Wook wins, he can officially join the basketball club. After winning, Dong Wook suggests they live together. Do Hyun is unsure, but Dong Wook can only sleep well when they are together. Will they be able to fix their relationship?

Latest Episode: A Breeze of Love Season 1, Episode 8: Episode 8 (Air Date: 11/10/2023)

Premiere Date: November 10, 2023
Casts: Shin Jung You, Kim Myung Chan
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: MY
Air Day: Friday

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