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About Older Gods

Horror Mystery Thriller

After the disappearance of his troubled friend, American Chris Rivers leaves everything behind and travels to the Welsh countryside to investigate a dark apocalyptic cult. When he arrives, he finds that he’s bitten off far more than he can chew. Not only are the residents seemingly working together to obfuscate the details of what happened to his friend, they also seem to have given up on Chris entirely. Most sinister of all is that despite their wide grins, Chris is pretty certain his missing friend has been given up as a human sacrifice to an ancient evil. Older Gods is an Lovecraftian cosmic horror film that navigates the guilt of losing a loved one -- and what we are willing to do to make up for not being there to protect them. Like Chris' visit to Wales, a viewing of Older Gods is a trip you’re likely to find hard to shake. Filmed in Snowdonia, Wales.

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